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A Decade of Quality Yard Service

Lawn Care

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Keep your lawn in ideal conditions. Regardless of the season, our professionals can make your lawn look picture perfect through quality maintenance and upkeep. Contact Pedro Jesus Landscaping today for lawn care that you deserve! Free estimates are available.


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Prune your trees and shrubs. The professionals at Pedro Jesus Landscaping specialize in pruning solutions that allow for new growth to come into your trees and other greenery. Pruning helps you eliminate unwanted aspects of a shrub and it helps It thrive in every way.



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Create a beautiful garden. Our green thumb experts at Pedro Jesus Landscaping, specialize in gardening. We know how to prep the soil so that whatever we plant, will flourish. Contact Pedro Jesus Landscaping for first class gardening that embellishes your landscape.

Irrigation System

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An irrigation system can be the best solution for yellow and dried up grass. Water the lawn automatically and never worry about the manual labor. Irrigation systems help you supply water without overdoing it, thus helping you conserve water. Contact Pedro Jesus Landscaping.



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Create the perfect patio for your property. The professionals at Pedro Jesus Landscaping specialize in first class patio creations that create the perfect ambience for relaxing, entertainment, and more. We create custom patio designs just for you at Pedro Jesus Landscaping.

Other Services

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• Fence
• Interior and Exterior Painting
• Pavers
• Retaining Walls

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